At CrossFit West Richland we program to build functional strength and conditioning through a constantly varied, high intensity workout of the day (WOD) which we scale to every fitness level. Our 60-minute WOD classes will typically consist of a warm up and mobility session, strength or skill work, a heart pumping metcon and end with a cool down. But in true CrossFit style, come prepared to take on the unknown because chances are you’ll be in for a few fun surprises! Our CrossFit class will help you lose body fat, maintain lean muscle-mass, and improve your quality of life. First class is free!

CrossFit creates an athlete in everybody!

*Open Gym: This block of time is for those athletes who are experienced, who may follow their own programming or want more time to work on strength or a skill. Open gym is not run by a coach, however, a coach will always be present to answer questions & keep you motivated!


CALLING ALL LADIES! Are you ready to kick your fitness routine up a notch and have fun at the same time? Look no further! You will find all of that and much more when you join our SheFit program. What is SheFit? SheFit uses the most effective movements and exercises from CrossFit without the heavy barbell work and highly technical CrossFit movements. We want to offer something for everyone and we know CrossFit can be intimidating to those who are not familiar with it. The goal of SheFit is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance, focuses on fat loss and building a positive and motivational mindset with little to no equipment required. Come try us out, you have nothing to lose! First class is free!

*Sorry guys, this is a LADIES ONLY class*


Your first step to joining the fun at CrossFit West Richland (if you're new to CrossFit) is going through our Fundamentals program. Fundamentals will help build a strong foundation to prepare you both mentally and physically for life-long health and fitness. Through this program you’ll learn skills that make up the primary components of CrossFit and our training methodology. The focus is on proper technique, form, and enjoyment of CrossFit. Our Fundamentals program includes 3 one-on-one sessions with a coach. The coach will gradually add intensity to each session to properly prepare you for group classes/training.

You’re one step closer to becoming the best version of YOU! Healthy, strong and confident.