Chris Sandell

Owner/ Coach

Chris has 7 years of CrossFit experience.  He has coached at 3 different gyms across the US. Previously he was a Merchant Mariner and traveled frequently for work.  He would program various challenging workouts for himself and his shipmates to stay fit while on long trips and to help pass the time.  Chris has been coaching for 4 years and has always had a dream to open his own gym.  Together with Karlee that dream has become a reality and they are really excited to bring that passion to West Richland.

Karlee Cats

Owner/ Head Coach/ Programming Genius

Karlee leads the She-Fit program at CrossFit West Richland.  Karlee was a Varsity Cheerleader and Gymnast throughout school, she has always been active and pursued fitness.  She has been doing CrossFit for the past 3 years.  She has a knack for challenging workouts and building great athletes.  Although she may appear to be very serious, she has a great sense of humor and is always cracking jokes.